Our Story

We want to make our clients Post&Co enthusiasts. Therefore, there are three important things to know about our brand:

We are Italian – Made in Italy and proud of it.
Natural “vintage” washed leather is our hallmark.
Made for Unique Individual Use Only

Post & Co is a family owned and run business since the late 1970’s. We include in our happy circle most of the craftsmen who have been with us since the beginning of our first endeavor. We started out manufacturing leather accessories for other brands and from that experience we learned there was a kindred spirit who wanted something more than just to hold up their trousers and jeans: people like us who desire to stand out from the rest. So we acquired a designer with an innovative flair and together we set forth to make belts our way. The response was positive and thus we were encouraged to continue (as positive things generally have this effect) and opened a shop in the center of our beloved city of Florence. The passion we have for family, town and country is infused in each hand finished piece. From the selection of grained leathers to the washing process to the final finishing stitch, each unique belt is for those who demand quality in material, craftsmanship and style.