The challenge is upon us!

Every year for the Festa di San Giovanni, the Feast of St. John the Baptist, Florence comes alive with flag throwers, musicians, and a colorful procession of hundreds of participants guiding spectators to a traditional challenge almost as old as the city itself: the Calcio Storico Fiorentino tournament.

To pay further homage to this historical commemoration and reenactment, the City of Florence conducted an extensive series of detailed qualitative controls, ultimately commissioning Post&Co’s skilled artisans to make the traditional tunics for the procession accompanying the four calcio storico teams to the match. Proudly tied to the city and the tradition of leather craftsmanship for more than fifty years, Post&Co accepted the challenge and put its entire team to work, including the original owner. Each piece is unique and hand-made with a naturally vegetable-tanned leather which is often thick and challenging to work with, and finished with specific waxes to recreate the aged look of the original pieces dating back to the Medieval Ages.

The tunics are individually fitted to the participants, who are divided into various groups to celebrate the defense of the city against the siege by Charles V’s imperial troops. Requiring great patience and attention to detail, this project led to the creation of true works of art, reaffirming Post&Co’s expert craftsmanship and respect for Florentine tradition and artisanry, which have always been at the heart of the brand.


calcio-storico3 calcio-storico2

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